RNA Type: Structure
Overview: The Metal in RNA (MeRNA) is a database of metal-ion binding sites in known RNA tertiary structures. There is also information related to classification RNA motif structure, function, interaction and their relationships.
Search Methods:
  • Keyword: search by PDB id, NDB id, metal ion,resolution, R value, free R-value, type of binding, distance to any RNA ligand, author name (in the primary, additional references or both), distance in Armstrong from metal ion to RNA or metal ion to water.
  • TAG: search by experimental method, binding motif, authors of literature references.
  • Tabular: search by PDB information in Metal ion list.
Source: Literature, PDB and NDB.
Information Source: Experimental, Literature.
Information Content: Annotation, Binding site, Chain, Ligand, Metal ion, Structure.
Reference: Stefan et al., 2006
PubmedID: 16381830.
Year: 2006
Multiple search: Yes
Download: No
Genomic Overview: No
Organism: Unspecified.

June 2018: Release 3.0