RNA Type: miRNA
Overview: PmiRKB (Plant microRNA Knowledge Base) is a database of Arabidopsis and 21 rice subspecies miRNAs. There are four major modules: (i) SNPs present in pre-miRNAs and mature miRNA in plant; (ii) transcriptional data of pre-miRNAs in a tissue-specific overview based on MPSS data; (iii) miRNA-target cleavage sites provide by parallel analysis for RNA end (PARE) and Target Prediction data; and (iv) miRNA precursor processing information.
Search Methods:
  • Keyword: search by miRNA name.
  • Tabular: search by species, miRNA name, organism accession number (e.g. AT1G16660.1).
Source: miRBase release 15, TAIR release 9, Rice Genome Annotation Project (J. Craig Venter Institute/TIGR rice genome release 6.1), Paterson group, OryzaSNP Project), Plant MPSS database, GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus), Literature, miRU predicton tool.
Information Source: Experimental, In silico annotation, Literature, Manual curation.
Information Content: Expression, Paring, Self-regulation, Sequence, SNP, Target gene, Tissue.
Reference: Meng et al, 2010
PubmedID: 20719744.
Year: 2011
Multiple search: No
Download: No
Genomic Overview: No
Organism: Arabidopsis Thaliana (Thale Cress), Oryza sativa (Rice).

June 2018: Release 3.0