RNA Type: miRNA
Overview: microTranspoGene is a database of human, mouse, zebrafish and nematode microRNAs derived from transposable elements (TEs). It stores information of sequenced transcripts or structure-predicted microRNAs in which the hairpin structures are originated by the insertion of transposable elements.
Search Methods:
  • TAG: search by organism or a specific pre-microRNA.
Source: miRBase, UCSC Genome Browser, RefSeq, Swiss-Prot, Galaxy, Borchert et al., 2006
Information Source: Experimental, In silico annotation.
Information Content: Gene, Localization, Repeat, Sequence, Transposable Elements.
Reference: Levy et al., 2007
PubmedID: 17986453.
Year: 2008
Multiple search: Yes
Download: FASTA, Other.
Genomic Overview: No
Organism: Homo sapiens (Human), Mus musculus (House Mouse), Danio rerio (Zebrafish), Caenorhabditis elegans.

Url: http://transpogene.tau.ac.il/microTranspoGene.html
June 2018: Release 3.0