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NRDR - The Non-coding RNA Databases Resource


Database version: 5.0
RNA Type: miRNA
Overview: The Network of Cancer Genes (NCG) is a manually curated repository of cancer genes and microRNAs derived from the scientific literature. Due to the increasing amount of cancer genomic data, they introduced a more robust procedure to extract cancer genes from published cancer mutational screenings and two curators independently reviewed each publication.
Search Methods:
  • Keyword: Search by miRNA Identifier
Source: Literature, PubMed
Information Source: Literature, Manual curation.
Information Content: .
Reference: An et al. 2016. Nucleic Acids Research. 44(D1):D992-9.
PubmedID: 26516186.
Year: 2016
Multiple search: No
Download: Other.
Genomic Overview: No
Organism: Homo sapiens (Human).

Url: http://ncg.kcl.ac.uk/index.php
June 2018: Release 3.0