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NRDR - The Non-coding RNA Databases Resource


Database version: Mar 20, 2017
RNA Type: miRNA
Overview: BioM2MetDisease is a database aims to establish the manually curated associations between various metabolic diseases and biomolecules. In the current release, BioM2MetDisease provides 2681 manually curated associations including relationships between 524 miRNAs and 45 metabolic diseases; 281 metabolites and 35 metabolic diseases; 349 small molecules (or drugs) and 57 metabolic diseases across 14 species from nearly 1300 published literatures (the same biomolecules in different species were counted only once).
Search Methods:
  • Keyword: Search using the disease name, microRNA name, metabolite name, small molecule or drug name. It is possible to mix the search by a tag selection of validated methods
  • Tabular: Browser through the list of diseases, microRNAs, metabolites, small molecule or drugs
Source: PubMed, literature, Disease Ontology, PubChem, miRBase, HMDB
Information Source: Experimental, Literature, Manual curation.
Information Content: .
Reference: Xu et al. 2017. Database. 2017: bax037.
PubmedID: 28605773.
Year: 2017
Multiple search: Yes
Download: Other.
Genomic Overview: No
Organism: Unspecified.

Url: http://www.bio-bigdata.com/BioM2MetDisease/
June 2018: Release 3.0