Overview: Transcription Factor genes & associated COnserved Noncoding ElementS (TFCONES) is a database of human transcription factors and their homologs in the genomes of mouse and fugu. It also includes CNEs (Conserved Non-coding Elements) identified in the orthologous set of TF-encoding genes in the same three genomes.
Search Methods:
  • Similarity: search sequences using the BLAST program against the human-mouse or human-fugu CNEs.
  • Keyword: search by gene name, identifier or description (e.g., "Hox*", "ENSG00000001167", "Myc proto-oncogene");
  • TAG: search by genome, alignment type and transcription factor family.
Source: Messina et al., 2004, Ensembl, GenBank, RefSeq Protein, TRANSFAC, Rfam, miRBase, Gene Ontology, In house analysis (INPARANOID, RepeatMasker, MLAGAN, VISTA, TESS).
Information Source: Experimental, In silico annotation.
Information Content: Alignment, Conserved Non-coding Elements, Gene Ontology, Orthologs, Protein Domains, Transcription Factor.
Reference: Lee et al., 2007
PubmedID: 18045502.
Year: 2007
Multiple search: Yes
Download: No
Genomic Overview: Yes
Organism: Homo sapiens (Human), Mus musculus (House Mouse), Takifugu rubripes (Fugu).

June 2018: Release 3.0