RNA Type: miRNA
Overview: The database miRDeathDB provides information for experimentally identified miRNAs and their targets in programmed cell death network. The Database records of five model species shows 210 associations of miRNAs and programmed cell death. It is possible restore genomic, proteomic and disease-associated data by links to external resources.
Search Methods:
  • TAG: Search by miRNA symbol, gene symbol or organism
Source: Literature
Information Source: Literature, Manual curation.
Information Content: Apoptosis, Autophagy, microRNAs, programmed cell death, Programmed necrosis.
Reference: Jianzhen Xu and Yan-Hui Li
PubmedID: 22743998.
Year: 2012
Multiple search: No
Download: Other.
Genomic Overview: No
Organism: Homo sapiens (Human), Rattus norvegicus (Norway Rat), Mus musculus (House Mouse), Drosophila melanogaster (Common Fruit Fly), Xenopus tropicalis.

Url: http://rna-world.org/mirdeathdb/
June 2018: Release 3.0